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Stable Lights for stables that are not connected to mains electricity.


Make it easier to look after your horse if you keep him / her in field stables or other stables that do not have mains electricity with these brilliant stable lights.

As you can see in the video, installation is really easy.  Just knock in the nail, position the solar panel on the roof or high up on a south facing wall and hang the light unit from the nail.

To make it as easy as possible to use, turning the lights on and off is done via a small remote control (supplied).

This stable lighting is a powerful 20 LED unit with internal batteries that are good for about 4 hours of continuous use from a full charge.  On most days there is sufficient light to charge the battery.

Now supplied with a USB lead so that you can charge the light from a power pack / computer / USB socket in your car

The bright LEDs and the super high efficiency reflectors cast a very broad area of light and this really is enough to light a stable well enough to see your horse properly.


On the other pages you can see photographs of the kit you will receive.


It really is well made and up to the job

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2 for £45

4 for £85

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